How to inspire confidence

If you easily give up on projects and relationships or experience difficulty in inspiring confidence – that is, showing that you’re trustworthy – because you are, in parts, “scared” of who’s around you, you may be suffering from the wound of abandonment.

Therefore, know that with a bit of courage, you can reveal your natural strength, that is spontaneity in addition to perseverance and sociability. You may gain performance bu not seeking other people’s attention anymore.

Without this courage, you hide your difficulty in inspiring trust by relationship based on dependence or possessiveness relationships. That’s your unconscious way of masking your fear of loneliness and of not making it alone. It’s important to feel supported in any circumstance.

Courage for you is expressed by your ability to sort out your past relationships problems and dare to say “no”. Think that to move forward on your projects, you must have the courage of feeling isolated now and then to refocus on your needs and not to be dependent on others or your comfort.

Think that “being well” doesn’t necessarily means having material goods or partnerships; well-being also lies in your ability to being authentic.

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