Trust is becoming increasingly vital worldwide.
What are you doing to improve your own?

Relationships have changed lately. Companies from all sectors have had to adapt to new markets, changing the way they operate, using technology as a strong ally to carry out activities with more agility.

Developing trust has become an essential factor for both companies and society.

For all these reasons, we created a tool that measures and develops trust as a skill.

Everyone wins with increased trust


Better quality of life


Higher performance


Stronger connections

But what, in fact, is trust?

“Trust is like the air we breathe–when it’s present, nobody really notices; when it’s absent, everybody notices.”
– Warren Buffett

It’s no wonder, trust is the main competence that brings people together and strengthens relationships. It is a key factor in getting out of difficult moments that require practical, incisive and human attitudes.

Understanding human behavior is of utmost importance to becoming a more self-confident person in times like these:

  • When you don’t feel capable of accomplishing some specific task because you don’t believe you can;
  • When you find yourself in a leading role where trust is no longer an option, it is a must;
  • When you need support and understanding from people close to you.

Promoting trust has positive effects for our entire life.


Greater impacts on organizations with established trust

  • Up to 50% higher productivity¹
  • 74% less stress in the environment¹
  • 76% greater engagement¹
  • 40% less risk of a burnout¹
  • 60% more commitment²
  • 106% greater loyalty²

Sources: ¹ Center for Neuroeconomics Studies (2017) / ² Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report (2019)

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They have approved it and trust us

JÚLIO BONRRUQUER - Executive Manager

"The command-and-control logic no longer makes sense for companies. Having a tool like Startrust, which can measure trust - the underlying foundation for remote work - is important for recruiters to be able to realize this capability".

ADRIANA PRIETO - Executive Coach

"Trust levels are the framework for sustainable development in relationships and business. Startrust allows me to accurately identify the levels in relationships and set action plans to build efficiency."

RENATO BRANDÃO - Managing Director

"Placing trust in people is something we are learning, but there are ways to do this using technology. With Startrust in hand, we can have people working together in synergy and delivering better results."

RENATO BRANDÃOManaging Director
JOSÉ AUGUSTO - Business Consultant

"Since managing requires me to know about people, I need to understand trust. Startrust assessment has enabled me to make trust tangible, and I have been able to establish new strategies and better actions."

JOSÉ AUGUSTOBusiness Consultant

10 reasons to select Startrust

Fixed cost subscription

Internationally recognized training

Multi-language tool

Global network of experts in trust

Unlimited use platform

Practical and context-driven methodology

Reports with accurate results

Autonomy and ease of use

Fast, human staffed support

Themes with economical and social relevance

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